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What Shapewear Can Do For Your Figure

Types Of Shapewear

What is a Shapewear?

Shapewear is an underwear it is worn under clothes to hide fat, help one fit better intoclothes and gives an overall better shape.
Shapewear is worn to help you look better in clothes and if worn constantly over a long time, could be helpful in reducing fat in certain parts of the body.
Shapewear is basically worn by women but nowadays there are some options for men as well.

Types of shapewear

Corset Shapewear
This type of shapewear is simply a type of corset. It is an underbust to waist body shaper. It's main aim is to reduce the appearance of tummy fat if worn over a long time can help to reduce tummy fat

Camisole Shapewear.
As the name implies, this is a Shapewear that is form of a camisole. It is great underclothes as it can also double as an underwear.

Seamless Shapewear
This is shapewear that has no visible seams. This is the best type of shapewear to wear underclothes as it's smooth and gives nothing away. It can be worn under any clothe

Full body Shapewear
Full body Shapewear targets all parts of the body, from the arms to the thighs, back tummy etc. It gives you an all round firm looking body

Butt Lifting Shapewear
This type of shapewear is designed to give a better looking behind while giving a smaller looking waistline.

Body Contour Shapewear
This type of shapewear is great if you want a full body lift. It lifts and shapes your body giving the best possible curve

How to choose a Shapewear
The type of shapewear you buy is determined pool ofby reason you want to buy it and the outcome you expect when you wear it.
For example, if you want a smaller looking tummy only, you can easily go for a corset Shapewear.

What Shapewear Can Do For Your Figure

Shapewear generally brings out your best figure. If worn constantly over a long time, it makes the features more permanent. It gives an all-round beautiful and sexy look, giving you a boost in your confidence when you know that you are looking your best.

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